Can Dogs Eat Black Beans? Are They Safe? [Risks Benefits]

It’s time to reveal all about dogs and one plant based protein source that dog owners have lots of questions about. Can dogs eat black beans? Is it safe and healthy to feed dogs black beans? Can dogs eat canned black beans? and pressure cooked black beans?

The short answer is yes, dogs can eat black beans. Thy are a great source of nutrition for dogs. But there’s more to it than that. Can dogs eat any amount of black beans? What are the health benefits of black beans? Are there any risks to giving black beans to your dogs? Read on to discover the full answer.

Can Dogs Eat Black Beans? – Are Black Beans Safe For Dogs?

Dogs can eat black beans; they are completely safe for dogs. But it’s not only black beans that your dog can eat. Dogs can eat all varieties of beans, including kidney beans and pinto beans.

Fiber and protein are both found in black beans, making them an excellent source of both nutrients. Beans may be given to dogs as a reward. You should never give your dog more than 10% of its daily calorie intake in the form of black beans or other treats. On top of that, you should limit the amount of beans you give your since they are heavy in calories.

Are Black Beans Good For Dogs? Health Benefits Of Black Beans For Dogs

As mentioned earlier, fiber and protein are both found in black beans, which makes them nutritious for dogs.

But it’s more than just fiber and protein. Black beans include a wealth of additional nutrients that are essential for the health of your muscles, organs, and coat. See more benefits of black beans below:

Dietary Fiber

Canines that are overweight may benefit from this! Beans include a kind of insoluble fiber that really encourages your dog to burn calories as he or she is digesting them. This may assist keep your dog’s digestive system flowing so that he can shed pounds!


Dogs, like humans, need antioxidants for the same reasons. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with free radicals, which cause oxidation and damage to cells in the body. Antioxidants counteract these effects. They strengthen the body’s defenses against illness and aging, as well as heart disease and inflammation.


An essential nutrient for red blood cell health.

Vitamin B6

Excellent for repairing muscle and the brain.

Vitamin C

Necessary for the body’s repair of tissues, vision, and the immune system.

As you can see from the above, black beans are a wonderful nutritious food type that your dog can enjoy and benefit from.

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Are Black Beans Bad For Dogs? Risks Of Black Beans For Dogs

There are no known risks to giving your dog black beans. Black beans are one of the safest types of food for dogs, as long as given to dogs in their natural form.

With that said, it’s important to note that canned black beans are not as safe as fresh black beans that you boil at home yourself.

Are Black Beans Good For Dogs?

Yes, black beans are good for dogs. In fact, many veterinarians and dog trainers consider black beans to be a dog superfood. This means they consider black beans to have health benefits and advantages for dogs above and beyond other regular food for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Black Beans From A Can?

Can Dogs Eat Black Beans From A Can

It is theoretically okay for dogs to consume canned beans. However, your pet pooch may be seriously harmed by the excessive salt levels in canned black beans. For that reason, black beans should be rinsed completely before feeding them to your dog if they come from a can.

The excessive salt content in canned black beans may result in vomiting, disorientation, diarrhea, and even potentially cause your dog to fall into a coma.

Exercise caution if choosing to feed your dog black beans from a can.

Can Dogs Eat Black Beans And Rice?

Occasionally, people inquire whether dogs may consume rice and black beans, and although this is absolutely OK for the canine to consume, moderation should be used once again.

It’s true to say that dogs cannot live on black beans alone and shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement, nor a replacement for meat. Black beans simply don’t offer all of the nutrients that dogs need to thrive.

Can Dogs Eat Fried Black Beans?

Can Dogs Eat Fried Black Beans

Pinto beans or black beans may be used to make refried beans.

Both boiled beans and refried beans are acceptable for dogs, although refried beans typically include onions, garlic, peppers and other additives that should be eschewed from your dog’s diet.

When it comes to black beans or any types of beans and your dog, the less processed the better.

Preferably, use home-cooked beans wherever possible. This way, you’ll be able to tell precisely what extra components were utilized in the preparation of the dish.

How To Cook Black Beans For Dogs

Dogs should not consume raw black beans. Uncooked black beans and dry black beans are not digestible by dogs. Cooking black beans for a dog should be done in the same manner as preparing them for humans. This means you’ll need to buy raw black beans, soak them, and then put them in a pot of boiling water and cook them.

What Amount Of Black Beans Can I Give My Dog?

Although black beans are very safe, healthy and nutritious for dogs, you cannot use them as a meal replacement. Black beans should be used as a so called ‘side dish’ for your dog, as part of a balanced meal. For example, you can feed your dog black beans and rice with some chicken added into it.

With this in mind, the usual rule of thumb says that no more than 10% of your dog’s calorie intake should come from treats or snacks. So, keep that in mind when feeding your dog black beans.

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Final Thoughts On Can Dogs Eat Black Beans

Hopefully this article has provided you with the direct answer to the question; can dogs eat black beans. To remind you, yes, dogs can eat black beans. Black beans are a safe and nutritious food for dogs, along with other types of beans like kidney beans and pinto beans.

Black beans are good for dogs and if you choose to feed black beans to your dog keep in mind they are treats, rather than a meal replacement.