Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit? Is It Safe? [Beware 3 Big Risks]

Originally from the South Indian subcontinent, the Western Ghats are home to the jackfruit tree. Jackfruits belong to the Moraceae family, which includes breadfruits, figs, and mulberries.

If you’re a fan of this exotic fruit, you’ve probably wondered to yourself? Is jackfruit safe for dogs? Can dogs eat jackfruit? The flesh of the fruit is generally considered safe for dogs to eat, but other parts of the jackfruit pose big risks to dogs. However, be aware that there haven’t been any studies on the effect of jackfruit on dogs.

Read on to discover why the flesh of jackfruit is considered safe, what risks jackfruit could pose to dogs, and what health benefits dogs can gain by eating jackfruit.

What Is Jackfruit?

The jackfruit tree produces the fruit that bears its name. The jackfruit tree may also be referred to as the “jack tree” informally.

The Western Ghats are home to the jackfruit tree, which originated in the South Indian subcontinent. It’s also grown in Malaysia, and eastern and central Africa. The jackfruit is part of the same family as figs, mulberries and breadfruit, and belongs to the Moraceae family.

The flavor profile of jackfruit is described as a combination of banana and pineapple. 

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit? – Is Jackfruit Safe For Dogs? 

The flesh of the jackfruit is generally considered safe for dogs to eat. The flesh of the fruit is not known to contain substances that are inherently harmful to dogs.

However, it’s important to stress that no studies have been done into the long-term impact of jackfruit on dogs.

The jackfruit skin, also known as the rind is not safe for dogs. The jackfruit seeds are also unsafe for dogs. This is similar to passion fruits, – the rind and seeds of passion fruit are very unsafe for dogs.

Jackfruits can contain hundreds of seeds so you really need to be diligent in removing all seeds before giving jackfruit to your dog.

If you want to feed jackfruit to your dog, you should contact your veterinarian and seek their advice.

Is Jackfruit Good For Dogs? Health Benefits Of Jackfruit For Dogs

It’s suggested that jackfruit has many health benefits for people, although these suggestions are not supported by scientific studies. There’s no evidence that there are any health benefits for dogs.

We do have some nutritional information about jackfruit as below.

Jackfruit Is High In Fiber

Fiber is very beneficial for maintaining a healthy and well-functioning digestive tract.

Jackfruit Is High In Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is essential for maintaining a regular level of essential amino acids in your blood. Vitamin B6 helps the immune system do its job better by facilitating chemical reactions that enhance it. Vitamin B6-rich foods help the body fight off infections.

Jackfruit Contains Vitamin C, And Vitamin A

Free radicals are neutralized by Vitamin C, which also supports the immune system and helps against certain forms of cancer.

Vitamin A aids in the maintenance of good hair and skin, as well as the prevention of the aging process.

Jackfruit Contains Potassium

Potassium assists to lower high blood pressure and hence minimize the risk of heart attack or stroke.

It’s important to note that while the above nutrition information about jackfruit is true, there’s no evidence that dogs are able to gain these nutrients or the benefit of these nutrients by eating jackfruit.

Is Jackfruit Bad For Dogs? Risks Of Letting Dogs Eat Jackfruit

It’s generally believed that the flesh of jackfruit is safe for dogs. However, there is very little information available about the long-term effects of jackfruit on dogs. It’s risky to feed a dog food where its safety and suitability for canines has not been scientifically confirmed. 

There are also other risks to consider.

Jackfruit Rind Can Cause Intestinal Obstruction In Dogs

Because it is difficult to chew, the Jackfruit rind, also known as jackfruit skin, may be a choking hazard for dogs. Because of the potential for intestinal obstruction, dogs who consume the rind of the Jackfruit should be closely monitored by a veterinarian. It’s possible a dog will need urgent treatment to deal with the intestinal blockage. 

When dogs eat, many of them don’t chew their food. This makes it all the more important to keep jackfruit rind away from dogs.

Jackfruit Seeds Are A Choking Hazard To Dogs

Jackfruits are well known to have contain many seeds. There may be anything between 200 and 500 seeds in each jackfruit. Due to the fact that jackfruit seeds are about the size of a Brazil nut, they provide the same choking threat to dogs as the three-sided nut.

If a dog swallows a jackfruit seed, they may need immediate surgery. It’s particularly true for smaller breeds of dogs, like pugs. In addition, most fruits’ seeds and pips are poisonous to dogs, according to vets.

Jackfruit May Provoke An Allergic Reaction In Dogs

Because jackfruit includes birch pollen, some people are allergic to the fruit. On the basis of this, it is advised that dogs with allergies avoid consuming jackfruit altogether.

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit Chips?

Broadly speaking, dogs can eat jackfruit chips as long as they do not have an allergy to jackfruit.

To avoid gastrointestinal distress, avoid giving your dog jackfruit chips that have been infused with spices. The safest jackfruit chips to feed your children are those made only from jackfruit and oil.

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit Seeds?

No, dogs cannot eat jackfruit seeds. Not only do jackfruit seeds contain cyanide-type poison that can damage dogs, they also present a serious choking threat to dogs.

Jackfruit seeds are about the same size as a Brazil nut. And just like the three-sided nut, jackfruit seeds can easily become lodged in dog’s throat or intestinal tract. If a dog consumes a jackfruit seed it’s very possible it may result in a medical emergency.

Put your dog’s safety first and avoid giving them jackfruit seeds.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Jackfruit?

Cooked Jackfruit flesh is generally thought to be safe for dogs, although there have not been any studies done looking into the effects of jackfruit on dogs. It’s unwise to give food to a dog that hasn’t been shown scientifically to be safe and suitable for dogs.

Jackfruit contains birch pollen, and this is a known allergen. As a result, some humans are allergic to jackfruit. It’s therefore plausible that cooked jackfruit and raw jackfruit could provoke an allergic reaction in dogs. That’s another reason to avoid feeding your dog jackfruit, whether cooked or raw.

Can Dogs Have Dried Jackfruit?

Broadly speaking, dried jackfruit is thought to be safe for dogs to consume in very small amounts. Dried fruit is significantly higher in sugar than fresh fruit, and this applies to jackfruit as well. It’s never a smart idea to give your dog sugary treats or snacks.

If you do choose to give your dog dried jackfruit then make sure you only give them a small quantity.

It’s worth mentioning that there has been no research done on the effects of jackfruit on dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit Meat?

The general consensus is that dogs can eat jackfruit meat in limited quantities. Jackfruit meat doesn’t contain any substances that are inherently toxic to dogs. However, it’s important to note that no studies have been done on the impact of jackfruit on canine health.

Birch pollen, which is present in jackfruit, is known to cause allergic reactions. Some humans are allergic to jackfruit because of this. As a result, it’s conceivable that dogs could be allergic to jackfruit meat.

Jackfruit skin and jackfruit seeds are unsafe for dogs under all circumstances. If you give your dog jackfruit it should only be the meat, also known as the flesh.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Jackfruit Seeds?

Cooked jackfruit seeds should not be eaten by dogs. In fact, the seeds of jackfruit are unsafe for dogs whether they’ve been cooked or whether they’re raw.

The cyanide-like toxin in jackfruit seeds is very hazardous to dogs. The seeds are also dangerous for dogs because of the high risk of choking on them.

There are no reasons to feed a dog cooked jackfruit seeds or raw jackfruit seeds, and doing so only risks the health of a dog.

Is Jackfruit Bad For Dogs?

It’s true to say that jackfruit can be thought of as bad for dogs because it poses health and safety risks for them, and no known health benefits for them. 

The jackfruit meat or flesh doesn’t contain substances that are inherently hazardous to dogs. For that reason, it’s generally believed to be safe for dogs to consume jackfruit flesh in very limited amounts. 

However, there is no evidence to suggest that dogs can gain any health benefits by eating jackfruit. Further, the rind of the jackfruit can cause intestinal blockages in dogs, and its seeds are poisonous and also pose a big choking risk to dogs.

On top of that, no research has been conducted into the impact of jackfruit on canine health.

When you add it altogether, there is no reason to feed dogs jackfruit, even as an occasional snack.

Is Jackfruit Good For Puppy?

It would be a difficult task to find a veterinarian who would suggest that jackfruit is good for puppies. Few, if any, veterinarians would recommend feeding jackfruit to a puppy or adding it into a puppy’s diet.

While jackfruit is not known to contain substances that are naturally toxic to dogs, it’s also not thought to offer any nutritional benefit to canines.

Further, for the first few months of a puppies like they should be eating a special puppy diet formulated. This diet would not include jackfruit.

Is Jackfruit Good For Shih Tzu?

Trying to find a veterinarian who would say that jackfruits are good for Shih Tzu dogs would be a challenging task. Few, if any, veterinarians would recommend feeding jackfruit to a Shih Tzu or including it as part of their regular diet.

There are no substances in jackfruit that are dangerous to Shih Tzus by nature, nor to other breeds of dogs. On the other hand, there is no evidence that jackfruit consumption enhances the health of dogs.

There are a wide range of dog-specific snacks and treats available that offer Shih Tzus enormous health benefits. As a result, there’s no reason to deliberately feed jackfruit to a Shih Tzu.

Is Jackfruit Good For Golden Retriever?

It would be difficult to track down a veterinarian who would say that jackfruits are good for Golden Retrievers. Jackfruit isn’t recommended for Golden Retrievers (or other dogs) to eat, and few veterinarians would suggest making it a part of their normal diet.

None of the substances in jackfruit are inherently dangerous for Golden Retrievers or other types of dogs. With that said, dogs don’t gain any health benefits by eating jackfruit, either.

There are a lot of dog-friendly snacks and treats available that have a high nutritional value for Golden Retrievers. Because of this, feeding jackfruit to a Golden Retriever is pointless.

Is Raw Jackfruit Safe For Dogs?

Generally, animal professionals think that dogs can eat raw jackfruit in small amounts. Jackfruit flesh, whether raw or cooked has no naturally harmful elements for dogs.

With that said, there are few, if any veterinarians who would advise adding jackfruit to a dog’s diet. On top of that, it’s vital to note that no research has been done on the health effects of jackfruit on dogs.

There are no reasons to deliberately feed a dog jackfruit. However, if your dog does consume raw jackfruit, it’s unlikely they’ll experience any harmful effects.

Note that jackfruit rind (jackfruit skin) and jackfruit seeds are harmful to dogs.

Can Jackfruit Kill Dogs?

There are no known instances of dogs becoming very sick or experiencing fatal conditions as a result of eating jackfruit.

Keep in mind however, that jackfruit contains birch pollen, which is a known allergen. As a result, it’s conceivable that some dogs could be allergic to jackfruit.

It’s important to stress that no studies have been done into the long-term impact of jackfruit on canine health. It’s not advisable to give food to a dog that hasn’t been shown scientifically to be safe for them.

What To Do If Dog Eats Jackfruit Seed?

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you discover that your dog has eaten a jackfruit seed. This is an emergency that necessitates immediate action.

If your dog eats the seeds of the Jackfruit, they may suffer the following symptoms:

  • Constipation and inability to poop
  • Lack of energy and lethargy
  • Vomiting – the body is trying to get rid of the poisonous substance
  • No appetite

How Much Jackfruit Can A Dog Eat?

Only 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake should come from treats and snacks. However, you should keep your dog’s jackfruit intake considerably lower than that level. It’s all about limiting your canine kid’s sugar and fiber consumption.

It is also important that your dog does not have a negative reaction to the fruit. To feed your dog jackfruit for the first time, give them a very small test piece and then monitor their reaction for any sings of adverse effects.

If you want to keep giving your dog jackfruit, then 2 small pieces a maximum of once per week would be OK. But you must keep in mind that no studies have been done into the long-term impact of jackfruit on the health of dogs.

Are Jackfruit Seeds Poisonous To Dogs?

Jackfruit seeds contain cyanide-type toxin that is poisonous to dogs. Dogs are also at risk of choking on the seeds. 

Jackfruit seeds are comparable to Brazil nuts in size. The seeds of jackfruit, like those of the three-sided Brazil nut, may become stuck in a dog’s throat or intestines. If a dog eats a jackfruit seed, there is a significant chance it will result in an emergency situation.

Don’t risk your dog’s health by feeding them jackfruit seeds.

Are Dogs Allergic To Jackfruit?

Birch pollen, which is found in jackfruit, has been known to trigger allergic reactions. Because of this, some people are allergic to jackfruit. As a consequence, it’s possible that dogs may be allergic to jackfruit.

If you’ve never given jackfruit to your dog before and are concerned your dog could be allergic to jackfruit, you could give them very tiny amount and then observe their reaction closely. You should be looking for signs of an allergic reaction such as your dog scratching themselves excessively, vomiting, indigestion or upset stomach.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Jackfruit?

It’s not advisable to let dogs with diabetes eat jackfruit. Dogs with diabetes may be adversely affected by jackfruit because of its effect on their glucose tolerance. As a result, if your dog suffers from diabetes, you should steer clear of giving them Jackfruit.

Fruits You Can Feed Your Dog Instead Of Jackfruit

So can dogs eat jackfruit? The answer is yes, but only the flesh in small amounts. So if you prefer to avoid it, there are other safer fruits that you can give to your pet dog as below:

Mango is safe for dogs – Mango is an exotic fruit that dogs can eat and it contains lots of nutrients that dogs can benefit from.

Dates are good for dogs – The Middle Eastern fruit is safe for dogs and offers plenty of health benefits.

Mandarins are healthy for dogs – The citrus fruit is juicy and gives dogs that sweet flavor they enjoy.

Dogs can eat cherries – The flesh of cherries is completely safe for dogs to eat. You just need to make sure you dog doesn’t eat the pits, leaves or stems.

Applesauce is safe for dogs – Applesauce is just pureed apple and it’s safe for dogs to eat.

Acai berry can be eaten by dogs – The acai berry is not categorized as toxic to dogs and the fruit can offer some health benefits for canines.

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit – A Summary

Having read this article, you’ll know the answer to the question, can dogs eat jackfruit? The meat of the fruit, or its flesh could be safe for dogs to eat, however the rind and the seeds are unsafe for canines. 

Even though the flesh may be safe to eat, there is nothing that indicates jackfruit has any health benefits for dogs. With so many nutritious dog snacks available, it makes no sense to let dogs eat jackfruit.