Can Dogs Eat Pork Rib Bones? Are They Safe? [Big Risks]

You may have pondered the question; can dogs eat pork rib bones? while looking at the bones of pork spare ribs that you’ve just enjoyed. It’s possible that you’ve considered giving your dog a rib bone.

Throwing your dog a bone, might be more tricky than you would think. The fact is that you can be endangering your dog. The short answer is no, dogs can’t eat pork rib bones. The disadvantages of giving your dog raw or cooked pork rib bones outweigh any potential benefits, and it’s better to avoid feeding pork ribs to your dog altogether.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rib Bones? – Are Pork Rib Bones Safe For Dogs?

The direct answer to this question is no, – pork rib bones are not safe for dogs to eat. Pork rib bones pose serious dangers to dogs and you should avoid feeding your dog pork rib bones.

What Are The Dangers Of Giving My Dog Pork Rib Bones?

Pork rib bones pose a big health and safety hazard to your dog. Rib bones may shatter into little pieces that might injure your dog’s mouth, throat or digestive tract, and can even lead them to choke on their own vomit. Congestion and lacerations of the mouth and internal organs may result from eating any kind of bone after it has been broken down into tiny pieces.

Dehydration, protein loss, and other serious intestinal upset symptoms might result from ingesting the fatty component of pork rib bones.

Further, because pork rib bones are so little, large dogs may try to eat them all at once, which is quite hazardous.

It’s conceivable that your dog might end up needing emergency surgery after eating pork ribs. in the very worst case scenario, your dog may face risk of death.

In case it isn’t clear from the above, don’t feed your dog pork rib bones.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Pork Rib Bones?

are pork rib bones safe for dogs

It’s not advisable to give your dog pork rib bones regardless of whether the ribs bones are cooked. The truth is that bones, whether cooked or war can easily shatter into small pieces can cause your dog issues. However, cooked rib bones are even more likely to splinter as they’re softer and more brittle than raw pork rib bones.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Pork Rib Bones?

As mentioned, one of the big risks of giving your dog pork rib bones is the high potential for the bone to splinter into small pieces and block your dog’s intestines. With that said, raw pork rib bones pose extra risks compared to cooked pork rib bones, this is because salmonella and other microorganisms may be found on raw pork rib bones.

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Can Dogs Eat Bones Of Any Type?

Yes, there are some types of bones that are safe for your dog to consume. The types of bones you can feed your dog are outlined below.

What Bones Are Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Cow bones and bison bones are safe for your dog to eat. Although when we say eat, we mean it’s safe for your dog to chew, and nibble on.

You need to note the following when giving your dog bison or cow bones:

  • The bones must be raw. This is so the bones do not shatter.
  • The bones must be large enough to prevent your dog from trying to eat it.
  • You must keep an eye on your dog after you’ve given her a bone to ensure her safety.

Can I Give My Dog A Pork Rib Bone Broth?

If you want to your dog to be able to safely enjoy pork rib bones then best way to do so is to make a pork rib bone broth. There are various websites that provide recipes for bone broths for dogs.

Add the pork rib bone broth to your dog’s meals (only the liquid, not the bones), and they’ll probably lap up their food like never before!

With that said it would be wise to consult your veterinarian first, particularly if your dog has digestive or nutritional disorders caused by eating pork, which has a lot of fat in it – including in the pork rib bones themselves.

My Dog Ate A Pork Rib Bone – What Should I Do?

is it safe to feed my dog pork rib bones

It’s critical that you keep an eye out for any symptoms of discomfort if your dog has already swallowed the rib bone. Bones may pass through your dog’s digestive system without trouble, however ingesting a rib bone might cause serious complications.

You’ll need to monitor your dog for signs of an intestinal blockage. Below are examples of symptoms of such a blockage:

  • Vomiting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Irregular bowel motions
  • A lack of appetite

Take your dog to the vet immediately if you see any of these signs. Depending on the results of the endoscopy, your veterinarian may recommend waiting and watching, surgery, or some other course of action.

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Final Thoughts On Can Dogs Eat Pork Rib Bones

After reading this article you’ll now know the answer to the question; can dogs eat pork rib bones? The simple answer is no, they can’t. But perhaps the fuller answer is that they shouldn’t due to the very real threat of choking and organ lacerations posed by pork rib bones.

If your dog has eaten a small part of a pork rib bone, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, if your dog has eaten a whole pork rib bone, be sure to monitor them for the next 5 days. If your dog exhibits signs of an intestinal blockage you should alert your veterinarian.