Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA? Is IKEA Dog Friendly? Does IKEA Allow Dogs 2023?

IKEA Is a multinational company that sells ready to assemble furniture, homeware and kitchen appliances. The company has stores in over 52 countries. Millions of people visit IKEA to buy high quality modern furniture at great prices, home accessories and more besides. 

If you’re taking a trip to IKEA and want to bring your dog along for the experience, then you might wonder to yourself, is IKEA dog friendly? Are dogs allowed in IKEA? The answer is no, IKEA does not allow dogs inside their stores. The international retailer has a no-pets policy. The only exception to this policy is if the dog is a service animal, all service animals are allowed inside IKEA stores. However, if you visit a store with a regular pet dog, they will not be allowed inside. 

So, does IKEA allow dogs 2023? No, they don’t. Let’s find out the full details of IKEA Pet policy 2023

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA? Is IKEA Dog Friendly?

Dogs are not allowed inside IKEA stores. The global retailer has a firm no-pets policy and they’re not a dog friendly company. Only service animals are the exception to this rule. If you have a dog which is classed as a service animal then they will be allowed into IKEA stores.

Does IKEA Allow Dogs? IKEA Pet Policy 2023

No, IKEA does not allow dogs in their locations. IKEA has a clear official pet policy which stipulates that only dogs classified as service animals are permitted to enter their stores. Regular pet dogs and other pets are not permitted to go inside their premises.

However, there are a few IKEA stores that have a ‘dog parking’ facility outside at the very front of their stores. The dog parking facility allows you to tie your dog up in a cool shaded area just outside the front of the store. This means you don’t have to leave your dog in your car on a hot day.

To enter an IKEA store with a service dog, your pooch must meet the Americans with Disabilities Act’s definition of a service animal (ADA).

The ADA defines a service animal as the following:

Any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not considered service animals.

The definition above excludes any animal that is not a dog, hence a cat cannot be considered a service animal under this definition.

Other dogs used for companionship and mental health purposes are likewise excluded from the definition provided by the ADA.

With that said, emotional support and therapy animals are allowed at some grocery shops and public venues in several states and local jurisdictions. But they are not allowed in IKEA stores.

Can Dogs Go To IKEA? – IKEA Dog Policy

No, dogs cannot go to IKEA. No pets are allowed in their stores, per the retailer’s longstanding no-pets-allowed policy.

Service animals are the sole exception to this rule. They allow service dogs to enter their stores without restriction.

With that said, at a select number of IKEA stores, customers can leave their pets in a designated “dog parking” area outside. You can leave your dog chained up in the dog parking area, which is located in a shaded area right outside the entrance to the store. At these stores, you won’t have to leave your dog in a car on hot and humid day.

Why Doesn’t IKEA Allow Dogs Inside?

Dogs are not allowed in IKEA stores since the company has a restaurant section that has to adhere to strict food safety rules and hygiene standards. Many states and counties restrict shops from letting dogs and other animals in areas where food is cooked and served.

But even in these instances, service dogs are exempt from any restrictions, and may enter the restaurant section.

Reports From Customers Happy With IKEA Dog Policy

Many customers appreciate IKEAs no-dog policy and have praised the retailer for sticking to it, despite pressure from some dog owners online.

“I for one wouldn’t want to go shopping in IKEA if they started letting dogs in. IKEA is always busy anyway, and to let dogs in would just create havoc. I’ve seen many people try to bring in dirty looking dogs, and I’d never want to have a dog around when I’m eating in their restaurant.”

Reports From Customers Unhappy With IKEA Dog Policy

An IKEA customer let their feelings be known online about IKEA’s no-pets policy as follows:

“I’m going to avoid IKEA from now on, it’s a real shame they don’t allow dogs into their stores. My dog is my friend and companion and should be allowed to come into the store with me the same way I could bring any other friend into the store.”

Does IKEA Allow Service Dogs?

Yes, service dogs are welcome at IKEA branches. Any dog classed as a service animal as per the definition of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may enter any IKEA facility.

IKEA recognizes the critical role that service animals play in the lives of people with disabilities and makes it clear they’re welcome at all of their locations.

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA Brooklyn?

No, dogs are not allowed in IKEA Brooklyn. Dogs are not allowed in IKEA Brooklyn unless they’re classified as a service animal according to the definition given by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA Palo Alto?

No, dogs are not allowed in IKEA Palo Alto. If you visit the store with a pet dog or pet cat, or any other pet, they will not be allowed to enter. However, service dogs can enter the store, they are the only exception.

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA Canada?

No, dogs are not permitted in any IKEA Canada locations. The stores strictly enforces a no animals in store policy. They only allow official service animals to enter the premises. Customers with regular pets may not enter.

Is IKEA Dog Friendly? Does IKEA Allow Dogs

It’s a confirmed fact that IKEA are not a dog friendly organisation. Pet dogs are not to enter their stores. However, they do allow service animals to enter their locations.

However, customers can leave their dogs in a designated “dog parking” area outside of a few IKEA stores. There is a designated location for dogs to be parked. There are dog beds and a shady space for dogs to rest in.

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA? The Final Verdict

So, are dogs allowed in IKEA? No, they are not. The international retailer has an official pet policy that states that only service animals are allowed into their store locations.

With that said, there a few IKEA stores, that have a designated ‘dog parking’ facility. This facility is located right in front of the store in a shaded area. There are also dog water bowls and dog beds in the parking facility. This means that on a hot day you can leave your dog in a safe and shaded area while you go shopping. 

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