Is REI Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In REI? Does REI Allow Dogs 2023?

Recreational Equipment, Inc is a chain of recreational services stores. The corporation is more commonly known by the acronym REI and sells outdoor recreation equipment. People head to REI to purchase, sports equipment, camping equipment, travel equipment and more.

If you’re going to REI and want to enjoy the visit with your dog, then you might wonder to yourself, is REI dog friendly? Are dogs allowed in REI? The answer is no, dogs are not allowed into REI stores. The retailer has a no-pets policy. The only exception to this policy is if the dog is a service animal, all service animals are allowed to enter REI locations. However, if you turn up with a regular pet dog, they will not be permitted entry. 

So, does REI allow dogs 2023? No, they don’t. Let’s find out the full details of REI Pet policy 2023

Is REI Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In REI?

No, REI is not dog friendly. The company has a strict no-pets policy which prohibits all pets from entering their store locations. The only exception to this policy is service animals. Regular pet dogs and all other pets are not permitted entry to their stores.

Does REI Allow Dogs? REI Pet Policy 2023

No, REI does not allow dogs to enter their stores. The company has an official pet policy where it’s made clear that only dogs classified as service animals are permitted in store. Regular pet dogs and other pets are not allowed into their branch locations.

In order to enter a REI store with a service dog, you need to prove that they are a service animal according to the definition given by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The ADA defines a service animal as the following:

Any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not considered service animals.

The definition above rules out any animal that is not a dog, meaning that a cat cannot be classified as a service animal.

The definition given by the ADA also excludes emotional support dogs, therapy dogs and other dogs used for companionship and mental health reasons.

With that said, emotional support and therapy animals are allowed at some grocery shops and public venues in several states and local jurisdictions. But they are not allowed in REI stores.

Can Dogs Go In REI? – REI Dog Policy

No, dogs cannot go into REI. The company operates a firm a no-pets allowed policy which has been in place for several years.

The only exception to this is service animals. Any dog classified as a service animal may freely enter their stores.

Reports From Customers Happy With REI Dog Policy

A travel and outdoor blogger got a response from REI when they enquired about the reason why REI doesn’t allow pet dogs in store: here’s the response.

“..Everyone is invited to join us in celebrating REI as a special place. We want to make REI a place where everyone can shop comfortably. There are some local and state health codes that prevent animals from being allowed in some of our locations. Some of our customers have expressed an allergy to animals or are not comfortable around dogs in general.

These and other considerations have led us to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to prohibit the entry of pets into any REI retail locations. A member of our staff will be more than happy to help you fit your dog with a hiking pack outside of the store entrance. Sorry for any inconvenience and we will do our best to get your dog the right gear…”

The travel blogger said she understood the reasons why, especially since she has allergies herself, although not to dogs. The travel blogger said she the response from REI, and believes that fitting dogs with clothing and hiking packs outside of the store is the best policy to keep everyone happy.

Reports From Customers Unhappy With REI Dog Policy

A customer let their feelings about REI’s dog policy be known online as follows:

“..I’m going to slam REI for pretending to be dog-friendly. REI is not dog friendly and will not allow dogs in. You can buy things for your dog at the store, but they won’t let you bring your dog in. Even when it’s too hot to leave my dog outside, I’m not allowed to bring him in. I admire REI’s values, but this policy is difficult to accept as a camper…”

Does REI Allow Service Dogs?

is REI dog friendly

Yes, REI allows service dogs into their stores. All dogs classified as service animals according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) definition are permitted to enter all REI locations.

REI understands just how crucial service animals are to the well-being of disabled Americans, and makes it clear they are very welcome in all stores.

Are Dogs Allowed In REI Seattle?

REI Seattle will only permit entry to dogs classified as service animals. All other ordinary pet dogs and other pets are not permitted to enter.

Are Dogs Allowed In REI Denver?

Only service animals are allowed within the REI Denver Flagship store. Th flagship store enforces a firm no pets in-store policy. The store will not allow dogs are not service animals to enter.

Are Dogs Allowed In REI Austin?

No, dogs aren’t allowed in REI Austin. The only exception is service animals. If your dog is classed as a service animal then both of you will be allowed to enter.

Are Dogs Allowed In REI Portland?

REI Portland only allows service animals to enter the store. The store operates a strict no-pets policy, so pet dogs are not allowed in.

Are Dogs Allowed In REI? Can You Bring Dogs Into REI?

It’s confirmed that REI does not allow people to bring pet dogs into REI. However, they do allow service animals to enter their stores. 

If you need your dog to try on hiking gear or other clothing then REI staff will help you to fit the hiking gear on your dog outside the front of the store. REI staff will help with any sizing queries you have with your dog and will interact with your dog outside of the store.

Is REI Dog Friendly? The Final Verdict

So, is REI dog friendly? No, they are not. The national retailer has an official pet policy that states that only service animals are allowed into their store locations.

If you visit a REI store with a regular pet dog, you will have to leave dog in your car or tie it up outside of the store. If you do ned help with sizing clothes and gear for your dog, REI staff will help you with this outside of the store.

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