Does Homegoods Allow Dogs? Is Homegoods Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In Homegoods 2023?

Homegoods sell a range of home furnishings and decor. They’re a popular destination for people of all ages who want to redecorate their interiors and liven up their homes, or who just want to add a few final home accessories.

If you’re a dog owner who like to go shopping with your dog, you may wonder; is Homegoods dog friendly? Does Homegoods allow dogs? Most Homegoods stores allow dogs, although there are some instances where admission with a dog is at the discretion of the store management. In other words, most Homegoods stores welcome shoppers with dogs, while other stores may turn you away such shoppers. You must contact the store you want to visit and check if they allow dogs.

So, are dogs allowed in Homegoods in 2023? Typically, yes. Let’s dive into this further to understand more about Homegoods dog and pet policy 2023.

Does Homegoods Allow Dogs? Is Home Goods Dog Friendly?

Are Dogs Allowed In Homegoods

For the most part, Homegoods do allow dogs into their stores and they are dog friendly.

However, some Homegoods stores do not allow dogs if there are local laws or state regulations which prohibit dogs from entering stores.

Further, some Homegoods stores do not allow dogs even if there are no formal regulations prohibiting it. In these cases, it’s the store management that have decided at their discretion that dogs and other pets aren’t allowed in store. This might be because they are following certain health and safety codes, or because they’ve had problems with aggressive dogs in the past.

You will need to phone your local Homegoods store and check if they allow dogs into their stores.

Are Dogs Allowed In Homegoods? – Homegoods Pet Policy Overview 2023

Homegoods doesn’t have an official pet policy. But many people have been allowed inside Homegoods stores with their dogs.

Unfortunately, the lack of an official pet policy means that Homegoods often sends out mixed messages when queried about the admission of pets into their stores.

Many Homegoods stores only allow dogs at the discretion of the store management. This can make things confusing and frustrating if you’re looking for a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether you can shop at Home Goods with your dog.

If the Homegoods store does allow dogs then they do have standards of behavior and rules that must be followed, as below:

  • Dogs must be on a leash or secured in a dog carrier
  • Dogs should be obedient and well-behaved
  • Dogs should be vaccinated
  • Dogs owners must never leave their dog unsupervised
  • Dog owners must promptly clean up poop or mess their dog makes
  • Dogs that act in an aggressive manner to other shoppers or staff will be required to leave the store.

Since Homegoods doesn’t make it clear which of their stores allow dogs to enter, you would need contact your local store to see if they’re dog friendly.

Homegoods Dog Policy 2023

Homegoods doesn’t have an official pet policy, therefore it means there’s no official guidance on admitting dogs into their stores. 

Some people have reported online that they were turned away from Homegoods with their dog because it was a large sized dog. While at the same time they saw people with small breed dogs like Jack Russells, freely enter the store.

Many Homegoods stores do welcome people to shop with their dogs. However, it’s important that you contact the Homegoods store you plan to visit and confirm whether they allow dogs or not.

Reports From Customers Who Were Allowed Into Homegoods With Their Dogs

Even after reading this far, you may still be wondering to yourself; is Homegoods dog friendly? Let’s summarize some of the public feedback left by people who visited Homegoods with their dogs.

There are a lot of pictures of dog owners and their dogs shopping at HomeGoods on social media.

More than a hundred posts with the hashtag #HomeGoodsDog show dog owners shopping with their dogs at HomeGoods. Photos and videos of dogs of different sizes and breeds may be seen in this collection, from tiny puppies to large dogs, to many dogs in one cart and dogs strolling beside their owners.

There is a diverse mix of service dogs and non-service dogs. Demonstrating that Home Goods are open to all types of dog owners.

What Homegoods Stores Do Not Allow Dogs?

Presently, it’s not possible to determine which Homegoods stores are dog friendly and allow dogs to enter. 

By looking at Homegoods’ Social media accounts and perusing consumer feedback platforms, it seems that most Homegoods stores do allow dogs to enter. But you will also find some complaints from customers who were unhappy with the Homegoods dog policy in their local area. In other words, they were not permitted to enter with their pet pooch.

Is Homegoods Dog Friendly?

Is Homegoods Dog Friendly

Most Homegoods are dog friendly, but it’s not a guarantee that your local store will be dog friendly.

Homegoods dog policy varies by location and the management team of your local store may not allow dogs inside.

Some Homegoods stores have had problems with dog owners not cleaning up their dog’s mess and poop. Some stores have had problems with aggressive and badly behaved dogs. In these instances, store management may have taken the decisions to ban dogs from the store.

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Does Homegoods Allow Dogs? – A Summary

So, what is the final answer to the question; does Homegoods allow dogs? The answer is it most do but some don’t. What we know is that most Homegoods stores do welcome shoppers with their dogs, while there are others that won’t let you inside with a dog.

Homegoods doesn’t have an official pet policy, so stores can disallow dogs at their own discretion. The best advice is contact the Homegoods store you to visit and check whether they allow dogs.