Does Joann Allow Dogs? Is Joann Fabrics Dog Friendly? Does Joann Fabrics Allow Dogs 2024?

Joann Fabrics is a popular destination for many fabrics and crafts enthusiasts. Maybe you’re thinking of visiting your local store but you’re not sure whether you can bring your dog with you. Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll be allowed in Joann Fabrics with your dog. Well let’s cut to the chase and find out!

Does Joanns allows dogs? Most Joann Fabric stores allow dogs in, provided that you adhere to their policy rules. But be aware that some stores are unable to allow dogs in, for example, stores located in malls that have a no-dogs-allowed rule. The sole exception to this is service dogs – they are allowed into all Joann Fabric stores.

So, is Joann Fabrics dog friendly 2024? Yes. And now let’s dive into the details of Joann’s Pet Policy 2024.

Does Joann Allow Dogs? Is Joanns Dog Friendly?

Joann Fabrics and Crafts are pet friendly and allow dogs into the majority of their stores. Customers are welcome to shop with their dogs at the retailer, which has a pet-friendly policy the company takes pride in.

In order to shop at Joann with your dog, you must ensure your dog is on a leash, is obedient and is well-behaved. Dogs that are not on a leash will not be admitted inside Joann, even if you’re carrying your dog under your arm. Instead of carrying your dog under your arm, you should carry your dog in a dog carrier, and then you’ll be allowed into the store.

Dogs who are acting in a threatening or aggressive manner toward other customers will be required to leave the store.

Joann advises shoppers to keep their dogs under close supervision at all times for their own safety, and the safety of other customers and staff members.

Are Dogs Allowed In Joann Fabrics? – Joann Pet Policy Overview 2024

Joann Fabrics and Crafts is proudly pet friendly and has a comprehensive pet policy. The policy stipulates that dogs are allowed into their stores. The policy also details exactly what other pets are allowed into their stores, under what circumstances, and rules need to be followed by the shopper with their dog or other pet.

  • Below are the most important aspects of their pet policy for dog owners.
  • Pets should have good manners
  • Pets should be vaccinated
  • Keep dogs with you on a leash or safely contained in a carrier
  • Dog owners must clean up any pet messes (supplies will be available at the Cut Bar)
  • Dog owners must be considerate of other customers that may be allergic to or uncomfortable with pets (a Team Member may kindly ask you to step out if an issue comes up)

What Joann Stores Do Not Allow Dogs?

There are some Joan Fabrics and Crafts stores that are unable to allow dogs in. 

Malls With A No-Dogs Allowed Policy

If the Joann Fabric store you wish to visit is located in a mall which has a no-dogs rule then you will not be able to visit that store with your dog. This is because even though the Joann store itself welcomes dogs, the mall doesn’t, so you can’t enter the mall at all with a dog.

However, not all malls have a no-dogs rule, therefore it would be possible to shop at the Joan Fabrics store with your pet pooch.

Further, some Joann Fabrics and Crafts stores located in a mall with a no-dogs rule actually have their own separate outside entrance. In that case you can happily go to the store with your dog.

Is Joann Fabrics Dog Friendly?

It’s confirmed that yes, Joann Fabrics is dog friendly. In fact, the retailer is very proud of their dog friendly stance, and on their pet policy page they state the following:

“JOANN knows that pets make us happy and inspire creativity. That’s why you should feel free to bring your furry friend to shop with you!”

It’s great to know that Joann Fabrics understands just how important dogs are to their dog parents.

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Does Joann Allow Dogs? – A Summary

So, does Joann Fabrics allow dogs? Yes, they certainly do. After reading this article and seeing the company’s pet policy, you should be in no doubt that Joann Fabrics is dog friendly.

Just be sure to keep your dog on a leash and ensure it’s well behaved at all times in store.